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Technical SEO

Technical SEO deals with a website’s structure and technical requirements.  It matches the website to the standards of current search engines. And makes sure all the web pages of the site are being crawled and indexed.



As discussed above Technical SEO services deals with the framework of the website. The unoptimized framework and structure of a website make it very difficult to rank. It is essential that Search Engines crawl the website.



Some of the possible improvements Technical SEO Services deals with are: Using SSL for websites. Ensuring the site is mobile-friendly. Fixing duplicate content issues. Creating XML sitemaps and enabling AMP.

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Organized Site Structure
Organized Site Structure

Site structure is the technical SEO services arrangement of pages of the website. It is advisable to have a flat or simple site structure. A flat site structure means there are fewer links to navigate to the pages of the website. It makes it easier for crawling and indexing.

Page Speed
Page Speed

Page speed refers to the speed of loading the webpage when the URL is clicked. The better optimised the web page is the faster it loads. It is very essential to maintain a good page speed.  It is very important for search engines to crawl every essential page.

Avoiding Duplicates
Avoiding Duplicates

When search engines crawl through web pages they should be aware of which page to show in the SERP. The “canonical” tag tells the search engines the location of original content. Slow-loading pages have a very high bounce rate as compared to fast-loading pages.

XML Sitemap
XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is a file that lists a website’s pages, making sure that the search engines can find and crawl them. It helps search engines understand the structure of the website. It is very important for search engines to crawl every essential page of the website.

Why Choose Avarin

With Avarin Technical SEO services in Singapore, you can:

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Google will always search your home page first before ranking. Our technical SEO services in singapore will optimize your website. So that it will rank high on search engines. 

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How Can I Find Technical SEO Errors?

To monitor technical issues, you can use the SEMrush Site Audit Tool. To identify problems and opportunities for instance.

What is an XML Sitemap?

XML sitemap stands for “Extensible markup language”. It contains a list of websites and the frequency with which the search engines are updated.

What is page speed?

The page speed of a site is how fast the site loads for a user. It is something that Google takes into account while ranking the sites. Furthermore, A page that loads fast directly translates to a better user experience.


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Firstly, Avarin’s SEO professionals work hard to get better results for our clients on Search Engines. Secondly, we have a team of highly-trained SEO experts who put your vision into action by getting your website ranked high for keywords that are related to your business the most. Thirdly, we focus to deliver results that best match your business goals. Furthermore, We provide the best solution. This makes us cost effective. Lastly and most importantly, we aim to deliver results that match your business goals, saving you time and effort.