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Title & Meta Description

Title & Meta Description

The title tag and meta description should contain the primary keyword to help Google understand the semantic meaning of the page. Page titles and meta descriptions present an opportunity to differentiate one’s web page result from their competitors.  We at Avarin, know how to best optimise title tags and meta descriptions.



Search Engines appreciate web pages that people structure in a way that is intuitive.  Using headings helps to organize all the content of a page. In terms of Search Engine Optimization, it would include H1 and H2 heading tags and it identifies more macro ideas. When people discuss the details within the overarching topic.

On-Page Content

On-Page Content

The on-page content must feel valuable to the visitor. When the web page includes something which the visitor can connect to may lead the visitor to become a potential customer.  When the page is attractive it improves visitor engagement, which in turn improves the ranking improvement of the web page. We at Avarin design the website.

On-Page SEO Services

URL Based On Keyword
URL Based On Keyword

Using keywords in a URL makes it easier for the user to type, increasing the accessibility of the website. The keyword in the URL gives an idea of what  content to expect before the user actually reaches the page.

Ecommerce SEO services
Ecommerce SEO Services

Title tag is one of the most important on-page factors, so it is worth giving some time to optimise. Consider using the keywords, phrases, and the business details into one of the following formats.

Compelling Meta Description
Compelling Meta Description

Meta description is a small snippet of words which appears below the listings in search engine results pages. It provides a brief summary of the contents of the website. It might compel the user to click on the link.

Content Structuring With Headers
Content Structuring With Headers

It means H2 comes under H1, H3 comes under H2 and so on. Search Engines look for H1 headers because H1 headers give a good description of the webpage, so you should use keywords in H1.

Using Images And Alt Tags
Using Images And Alt Tags

Search Engines use the additional description  that alt text provides to better understand the content on the webpage. Using keywords in the alt text, can give Search Engines.

Body Copy Of Webpage
Body Copy Of Webpage

It can have a great impact on the ranking of the web page. We use the keywords at every required place on the webpage, in other words, we base the content of the webpage on the keywords.

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Why Is On-Page SEO Important?

Algorithms of Google and other search engines keep on updating, improving their ability to better understand both the user intent and user experience once a user reaches a page. That is why it is very important to have On-page SEO. Furthermore, an optimized web page helps the Search engines understand the content of the webpage and helps them organize and rank the page.

How would you describe On-page SEO?

On-page SEO means the optimization which can be done on the website to gain improvements in search engine rankings. These optimizations can include meta tags, content, structure, and improving page-load speed for instance.

These all factors when used properly can drastically improve the rankings of the webpage as a result.

What is alt tag?

An alt tag in other words is an alt attribute or alt description. It is an HTML attribute applied to image tags to give a text alternative for search engines in place of images. Applying alt tags to images can positively impact a web page’s search engine ranking.

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