It is no secret that blogs can be very useful in the world of content writing. Above 409 million people view blogs each month, bringing brand awareness, higher likelihood of positive returns, and consumer trust. Further blogging results in a 434 percent increase in indexed pages and 93 percent growth in indexed links. This means more inbound traffic and more customers for your company. 

What is not to like?

There are 8.2 million blog posts being uploaded worldwide every month, and that touch pool is only growing. You need to be on the top of the latest blogging trends and keep up to date with marketing master plans.

Here are some of the latest blogging trends to look out for this year, along with quick and easy ways to apply them into your blog.

1. Visual Content

No latest blogging trends list would complete without calling up you of the importance of visual content. There is no doubt that vision content is on the rise. Studies have shown that readers can recall 65 percent of the vision content they have seen, even three days later. That is a boost for your brand,vision and retention.

As blogs become bigger and more design,detail and interactivity grow in importance. Vision content can offer readers a way to scan a content without reading in all the ways you can read easily. 

Only 16 percent of online readers take their content word by word. The rest are looking , and scanning for quick and efficient information.

If you want readers to stay on your page, be promoted, and be engaged with your content on other platforms. This makes your information easy to scan and recall – simply by using visuals.

Latest Blogging Trends

Using Visual Content In Your Blog Posts

Adding videos and images to your content breaks up heavy lump of text and offers a new, flexible way for your audience to engage with your content. It’s always better to use original content in your blogs, but stock pictures can still be useful when  designing an engaging blog.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Another important factor in today’s latest blogging trends is the implementation of affiliate marketing links in your blog content. Affiliate marketing permits you to create an ongoing sales funnel outside your website.

Using Affiliate Marketing On your Blog

When creating a blog, think about something affiliate marketing techniques you could employ.

If you are mentioning a service or product, reach out to that company and see if they have any affiliate programs you join us. You can do this with a simple google search product and affiliate program.

It is always best to choose a product you like and you know, as your results depend on how well you sell it to customers.

3. Critical Reader

One of the further relevant latest blogging trends is the inclusion of critical readers in your audience pool because public perception of online content is changing. Today’s reader needs comfort that your content is correct and fair. They look for citations, sources, and statistics to back up your claims. In Addition, you need to keep in mind the scope of content that is readily available online.

4. Estimated Reading Time

Another recur theme in the latest blogging trends is estimated reading times. Approx reading time can improve reader engagement by setting up their assumption from the start. If you know that a blog takes 15 minutes to read, but you have only 10 minutes before your next meeting, you might save that blog for another day. Also, if a blog takes two minutes to read, you may obtain information about the suitable length of the article and open it right away.